Expeditionary shelters either have soft walls or rigid walls, but there are drawbacks to both systems. Soft wall structures are quicker to set up, lighter, but lack energy efficiency. Rigid wall structures are heavier and have longer setup times, but are more energy efficient.  MINATORS bridges the gap by offering a lightweight rigid wall structure, offering customers the following benefits. 

  • MINATORS are made from weather (typhoon-level), and environmental (corrosion, humidity, and UV) resistant materials.
  •  The rigid-wall shelter excels in extreme cold and heat and can provide chemical and biological protection with the inclusion of a gas particulate filter unit (GPFU). 
  • MINATORS can even be set up on uneven ground with the use of included leveling jacks with large base plates.
  • Infinitely Scalable: MINATORS is infinitely scalable and scales in nominal 7-foot increments.
  • Adaptable: MINATORS can fill roles including but not limited to:
    • Command Centers
    • Billeting
    • Administrative
    • Pharmacy
    • Medical Facility
    • Interrogation
    • Detention
    • Dining
    • Disaster Response
    • Laboratory
    • Maintenance
  • Lightweight: MINATORS are made from lightweight composite panels, MINATORS are 40% lighter than traditional rigid wall structures. 
  • Land, air, and sea transportable. 
  • Rapidly Deployable: A team of 4-6 people can deploy MINATORS in as little as 30 minutes. 
  • MINATORS are 4.5x more energy efficient than military tents with insulated liners and 2.5x more energy efficient than typical ISOs.
  • Compotech’s MINATORS have an intuitive assembly process, and Compotech further simplifies setup by including all necessary tools and an instruction manual. 
  • MINATORS is compatible with all wiring systems. 
  • MINATORS have undergone extensive development aided by input from a joint team of Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps specialists.

“The smoothest setup of a hard-shell tactical space ever used.”

“Hard Shelter and excellent sound canceling for outside generators.”

“Easy to read set-up instructions for any level of soldier to assemble.”

“Excellently planned and designed for the handle placement and building instructions.”

207th Military Intelligence Brigade – NCO

  1. Expeditionary and Adaptable
  1. Durable and Rugged
  1. Energy Efficient

Where can MINATORS be used outside of the military?

MINATORS can provide shelter or medical treatment during national disasters, shelter the homeless, or be a temporary structure at a construction site. These are just a few examples of the capabilities of MINATORS, Compotech can adapt MINATORS to the needs of our clients.

Can MINATORS withstand extreme weather conditions?

MINATORS have undergone extensive laboratory testing at –60°F and field testing at –40°F in Alaska, Compotech’s composite shelters thrive in extreme hot or cold weather.

How long does it take to set up or disassemble a rigid wall expeditionary shelter?

A team of four to six people can set up or disassemble the intuitive expeditionary shelter in as little as 30 minutes.

What is the expected lifespan of these shelters?

Compotech anticipates MINATORS having a twenty year lifespan, and usable beyond twenty years with minor refurbishments.

Are rigid wall expeditionary shelters easy to transport?

Compotech’s composite expeditionary shelters are easy to transport since they are land, air, & sea transportable. Lightweight MINATORS can be transported by truck or rail. 

Are specialized tools or equipment needed for assembly? 

MINATORS do not require specialized tools or equipment for assembly, Compotech will include all simple tools necessary for setup with MINATORS units. 

Can these shelters be used for long-term deployments?

MINATORS can be used in short-term and long-term deployments, MINATORS are designed to endure and be ready for redeployment in other situations at a moment’s notice. 

How do MINATORS scale?

MINATORS can be infinitely scaled by adding or subtracting standard floor, wall, and roof panels between end sections.