ESPS-Expeditionary Shelter Protection System

The Expeditionary Shelter Protection Systems (ESPS)  is an innovative solution that ensures the safety of soldiers from blast and ballistic threats. The design is composed of state of the art panel armor technology  strategically placed for optimum safety and protection.

Expeditionary Shelter Protection Systems (ESPS) are available for purchase or custom solutions can be provided. 

MBPS-Modular Ballistic Protection System

The modular ballistic protection system (MBPS) uses state of the art ballistic panel technology to transform vulnerable tents into fortified shelters where soldiers can work, eat and rest safely. ​​The panels are installed inside the tent in a way that they cannot be detected from the outside.​​​​

MBPS offers protection from mortars and bullets threats to soldiers so they take off their vests and helmets for resting.

Composite Armor

Compotech has developed many ballistic resistant armors for multi level protection.  These panels have been deployed around the world in both commercial and military applications.

Compotech’s armor panels are lightweight, fire resistant cost effective and offer multi-hit protection. ​​

They are available in standard sizes and can be fully customizable. 

Overhead Protection

The explosion of a mortar shell, a 155 mm artillery shell and/or a 122 mm rocket can have devastating effects on buildings, infrastructure and personnel. This could translate into the loss of lives and millions of dollars’ worth of damages.

The Overhead Protection System is an engineered solution that incorporates state of the art blast and ballistic panel technology to transform vulnerable structures and infrastructures to fortified shields.

MPSS-Modular Panelized Shelter System

Compotech has developed a revolutionary Modular Panelized Shelter System (MPSS) that packs flat, is insulated, and can be air dropped out of an AC-130. ​​​

Compotech offers multiple insulated, quick-erect, scalable sheltersystems designed for rapid deployment in austere environments.
Each can be assembled without tools or material handling
equipment by 3-5 personnel in 30-90 minutes and offer
multiple mission-specific configurations